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Welcome to Ghost Watchers Paranormal Investigations

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About Us


Unexplainable Occurances?

The Paranormal is anything not yet explained by Science

We will investigate and give answers, free of charge

GWPI is a team of paranormal investigators located near Savannah and Hinesville Georgia. Our goal is to help people who have experienced paranormal events, and try to make the situation as comfortable as possible. We service Southeast Georgia and network with other paranormal groups in Georgia if a referral is needed or requested. We attempt to scientifically and professionally investigate, study and document cases of paranormal activity.

Professional Reliable Team Members

The goal of the team is to find reasonable answers to clients experiencing paranormal activity. GWPI is made up of a diverse group - firefighters, military personnel, police officers and aerospace engineers. We do not use spiritualists, psychics/mediums, séances or Ouija boards. Our client's information and any findings during a GWPI investigation are strictly confidential, and there is no release of information without the express written consent of the client

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Ghost Watchers Paranormal Investigations

(912) 312-9520


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